We are here for you. Now, as always.

To address concerns related to the pandemic, Parker-White-Pruitt Funeral Homes and Crematory strive to provide the best service available while taking steps for the protection of our community, our clients, the public, our staff and their families.

Our policies are subject to change without notice, as are local rules and regulations. Currently we have the following policies, including helpful new services, and a few temporary restrictions.

  • Funeral Services:
    1. Families may hold funeral services at their churches according to the church’s policies.
    2. Families may hold services at graveside according to the cemetery’s policies. Ask us about other outdoor possibilities.
    3. Private funeral services in our chapel are subject to limited seating of no more than fifty people, including family members.
    4. Nighttime visitation hours are not available.
  • Accommodations
    1. In our chapels, live-Streaming of funeral services is provided free of charge and will continue to be for the duration of the pandemic. Extra scheduling considerations may apply, due to additional staff required.
    2. Whenever possible, guestbooks will be furnished with newly sanitized pens, to be discarded after each use for re-sanitization before re-use.
    3. Use of traditional home equipment may be limited.
    4. Our policies and procedures have been modified for home-removals, and you will notice our staff using additional PPE in all circumstances.
  • Scheduling
    1. All families making funeral arrangements are requested to wear masks during the arrangement conference. Those who are ill, or who have been recommended to quarantine are asked to remain at home. Up to 4 family members may be present for arrangement conferences. Teleconferences may also be used for making arrangements.
    2. Times available for scheduling arrangement conferences and funerals are limited and subject to staff availability, cemetery availability, etc.